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What is Industry 4.0?

06.04.23 by Velsen in Blog, Industry News

The world of manufacturing is changing – and changing fast. Tablets and smartphones are becoming factory floor essentials – much like the coal-fired steam engine during the 1st industrial revolution, the implementation of the assembly line in the 2nd revolution and computers in the 3rd revolution. 21st century technology and digital transformation have enabled the shift into Industry 4.0. When did industry 4.0 start? Industry 4.0 has been talked about since the start of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and began to gain traction around…

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Danone Brand, Blédina, Goes Paperless with iPad® Smart Charging Lockers to Improve Efficiency

05.04.23 by Velsen in Blog, Case studies, Industry News, Product News, Testimonials

February 2022 – Brive, France Blédina automates IT and employee workflow with a shared iPad device program and FUYL Tower Smart Lockers. Background As the largest B Corp-certified company in France, Blédina is a leader – not only in the infant food market, but also in its commitment to making a positive impact on society and the planet. In 2020, Blédina embarked on a new and ongoing industrial performance and digital transformation program, utilising iPad devices to go 100% paperless.  Named after…

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4 Benefits of a Secure Laptop Charging Cart for Esports Programs and How to Choose the Best One

05.04.23 by Velsen in Blog, Industry News, Product News

Egaming, or esports, has emerged as a popular form of entertainment among children and teenagers in recent years, with professional gaming competitions drawing millions of viewers worldwide. As a result, many schools have started to integrate esports programs into their curriculum to keep up with the changing times and to incorporate esports skills into real-world career application. These programs range from casual after-school clubs to competitive teams that participate in tournaments and leagues. Proponents of egaming programs argue that they…

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Elizabeth Gregory Home and PC Locs Team Up to Provide Security to Women Facing Hardship

14.02.23 by Velsen in Blog, Industry News, Product News, Testimonials

PC Locs Saves the Day, Every Day Written by Ally Baehr – Executive Director, Elizabeth Gregory Home Ally Baehr Executive Director Imagine, if you will, that you are a woman living outside, only able to keep what you can comfortably carry, being very susceptible to having your belongings stolen and your body violated. Sleeping outside is nearly impossible when your safety is consistently being threatened. Your cell phone or other device is your lifeline. It is how you can connect…

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Digital Transformation is Driving Patient and Staff Success in Healthcare

07.02.23 by Velsen in Blog, Industry News, Product News

For years, the healthcare industry was on the cusp of fully embracing digital transformation, but it was the pandemic that became the catalyst for holistic change, streamlining a fragmented process where end-to-end solutions improved workflows and patient outcomes. Today, healthcare facilities continue to switch from pen and paper to digital technology, using devices in nurses’ stations, administrative offices, patient rooms, and more. The healthcare industry is taking heed as it optimises its systems and strategies for the future. In a…

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