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Mobile technology is infinitely changing and mobiles devices continue to shape our work place. Read about the technology and devices that shape PC Locs solutions, and potentially your working and learning environment.

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PC Locs nominated finalists for the 2018 AustCham ACBA Awards

16.04.18 by PC Locs in Blog, Industry News

PC Locs is proud to announce that we have been nominated as finalist for the 2018 Austcham Westpac Australia-China Business Awards (ACBAs) in the Business Excellence Award for Small-to-Medium Enterprises. The AustCham Westpac Australia-China Business Awards (ACBAs) has for 25 years been a means of recognising Australian and Chinese companies working between the two countries in the Greater China region. These awards have grown in stature over the years and are now acknowledged as a high profile celebration. The Awards…

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5 of the Best iPad Carts for Schools and Businesses

22.11.17 by PC Locs in Blog, Industry News

If your organisation owns iPads for students or staff to complete their work, then you need a simple (and secure) way to store, charge, and distribute the devices. A high-quality iPad cart or charging station can fill this need. Nothing hinders productivity faster than grabbing a device, only to find that it isn’t fully charged. A high-quality iPad cart lets you safely store and charge your iPads, transport them from one office or classroom to another, and even sync them…

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Technology for good or for bad?

11.10.17 by PC Locs in Blog, Industry News

An article out earlier this month about intelligent machines replacing teachers, really made us think. Sir Anthony Seldon, of Wellington College, is the head of one of Britain’s most famous public schools. He was talking about the theory that inspirational teachers of the future will be intelligent machines rather than humans. See the full article here. There seems to be a general acceptance of the fact technology can help teachers do their job better in the classroom. They provide creative…

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Is your technology setup a mess?

07.08.17 by PC Locs in Blog

Cables all over the place? Devices stored in a storage room or cupboard? Not enough power points to charge all your devices? Does this sound familiar? Upgrading your technology needs can be an exciting time. You get the latest technology which is designed to make learning and teaching easier, fun and more effective. However, managing a set of devices is usually the last thing on your mind. You are left searching for power points, using extension boards, leaving cables all…

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FUYL Cells in action.

28.07.17 by PC Locs in Blog

At PC Locs, we strive to deliver products that will work in just about any situation. They are popular in schools, universities, hospitals, business offices and now even in remote places such as campsites! Woody Head Campground, located near Iluka NSW, is a popular campground on the North Coast for a family holiday. However, like all campsites there are never proper facilities available to charge your devices such as mobiles phones and tablets. This is now possible with PC Locs and some…

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