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iQ 32 Cart™ reviewed in Macworld

14.06.12 by PC Locs in Testimonials

The Macworld Gadget Guide reviewed our iPad® Cart and said this:

“The emergence of iPads and other tablet devices in Australia has revolutionised the way we learn, teach and work. However, with new technology come new challenges such as syncing, charging and security of iPad devices. The new iQ 32 Cart by PC Locs solves all those issues and offers an innovative product that can efficiently manage 32 iPads.”

Click here to view the review on the Macworld  website.

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How Curtin University use their FUYL™ Cells

14.06.12 by PC Locs in Testimonials

curtin uni

“After significant research into laptop locker solutions at other universities, conference centres and hotels we found that PC Locs’ FUYL Cells provided all the features and functionality we required, with a local supplier and reseller rather than sourcing interstate or overseas.” Mark Oliver – Curtin University.

PC Locs interviewed Mark Oliver from Curtin University about PC Locs’ FUYL™ Cell.

1.       What prompted you to consider storage and charging solutions for the laptops?

An increasing number of [students] are bringing electronic devices, ranging from smart phones to laptops, onto campus and often require a power point to charge their device during the day. Current lab environments and teaching spaces have limited numbers of power points meaning clients are either unable to charge their device or have to unplug existing equipment (computers and printers) to access power points. FUYL Cells (Fill Up Your Laptop) have been installed in major labs and teaching areas to allow clients to securely charge their devices while in classes and return to collect once charged.


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Strathmore Secondary College Laptop Program

14.06.12 by PC Locs in Testimonials

Security, charging and storage.

Implementing a laptop program isn’t as simple as purchasing laptops and sending them out to be used. Apart from the obvious considerations of infrastructure, software, training etc, schools need also to consider the physical security, storage and on-site charging of the laptops. “Laptop storage is not an easy decision. Considerations like security, power, and also appearance were important to us. I did an extensive search for what the market was offering, and found that PC Locs stood out from the rest.” – Gary Cameron, Network Manager.

The Australia education sector is undergoing a significant change in the way that students can access computers at school. Since the introduction of computers in schools, PCs have always been the dominant computing platform. The price and perceived fragility of early generation laptops made them an unfavourable option for many school IT buyers. But the problem with PCs was that they required a dedicated room or lab, specifically wired to take multiple machines, which had to be booked by teachers and when not in use, lay idle. Many saw this as a waste of valuable school resources.

The falling price and increasing robustness of laptop computers has now enabled many schools to create real estate, turning any classroom into a computer lab by using mobile laptop trolleys. PC Locs have been providing tough and functional laptop trolleys to schools and other education facilities in Australia for over 10 years.


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Revolution ECO Trolleys at St John’s

05.05.12 by PC Locs in Testimonials

To deter theft of valuable notebooks, St John’s Regional College purchased PC Locs Revolution ECO products.  “PC Locs has had a great reputation of securing IT assets in the education sector for some time now. PC Locs products lead the way in security, quality, workmanship, finish, and have been designed for ease of use. The units arrived and were assembled with minimum fuss”. –  Brian Griffith, ICT Manager.

Background and Introduction

St John’s Regional College is a coeducational Catholic Secondary College catering to some 1130 students from Years 7 -12.
St John’s enrolments are drawn from the five surrounding parishes and since its establishment in 1958; the College has endeavoured to provide the best possible education to students. It achieves this by constant implementation of better teaching practices, updating curriculum to suit industry demand, and keeping up to date with technological changes by providing students with business quality computers, notebooks and IT equipment.

Migration to Notebooks – Digital Education Revolution

St John’s Regional College, with the assistance of the Federal Government’s Digital Education Revolution funding, is moving into the new era of education. Computers and notebooks are now part of everyday life, both at home and at work. St John’s is committed to preparing students for life after school and has implemented a mobile 1:1 learning program at the College. Desktop PC’s are being replaced or complemented by notebooks in order to provide students with more frequent access. “The funding has been instrumental in updating computers and increasing student exposure to technology” – Brian Griffith.


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