Why choose PC Locs’ iPad Charging Station?

Our multiple iPad Charging Station takes physical device management to the next level by incorporating Baskets by PC Locs. Baskets by PC Locs enable greater shareability of the devices that are stored inside the iPad Charging Station. It allows staff, students, teachers and administrators to distribute devices faster and safer because you can carry up to 5 devices in each Basket. Other iPad Charging Stations don’t have this functionality and forces users to; (a) carry them one-by-one, which can be time consuming, (b) carry a stack of devices by hand which can be unsafe and risks dropping and damaging them.

Charging with PC Locs’ iPad Charging Station.

PC Locs’ iQ range of iPad Charging Stations are powered with 2.4 amps at each USB port – the optimum rate for charging iPad devices. This means that you can charge 10 devices in approximately the same time as you would one. Additionally, the iQ 10 Charging Station and iQ 10 Sync Charge Station can charge other Tablet devices too. They just need to have USB connectivity. eg Samsung Galaxy Tabs and similar.

PC Locs Carrier range iPad Charging Station, is designed to fit iPads and larger devices such as 13” Chomebooks and Macbooks, but also larger laptops too. It can do this as it uses power outlets, rather than USB ports. Simply connect the devices power adapter cord into the Carrier 10 Charging Station outlets.

iPad Charging Station installation

PC Locs’ iPad Charging Stations are designed to be flexible and adapt to your surroundings, so that you can transform any wall, desk or bench into a secure space for charging mobile devices. Its compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for mounting on a wall, but at the same time is built tough and robust, so that it’s just as secure when installing it to a desk or bench.

iPad Charging Station security and more

Security begins with the construction. PC Locs’ Charging Stations are built to the highest quality and is backed with a lifetime warranty. The combination of welded steel construction, the mounting-kit and a hardened steel padlock, protects your devices while they’re stored in the iPad Charging Station. Schools can be tough on Charging Stations, but PC Locs products are built to last.

Mobile technology is deployed for a reason. It is used to teach, to train, to inform, to enable and to entertain. To be effective, and to serve its intended purpose, the technology must be fully operational and accessible at all times. When we design and produce a product, in this case Chromebook, Tablet and iPad Charging Stations, the ultimate goal to enhance your mobile device deployment. PC Locs exists to make life easier for the users of the technology by creating solutions that ensure accessibility and usability of the technology at any time.

Charging, storing, securing and deploying mobile devices has never been as easy as with PC Locs’ iPad Charging Station – iQ 10 Charging Station, iQ 10 Sync Charge Station and Carrier 10 Charging Station.

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