Discontinued – iQ Traveller 20™

Quick Benefits

  • Sync 16 iPad devices at once or 20 in rotation!
  • Built by Pelican™
  • Charge 16 iPad devices at once or 20 in rotation
  • Internal foam protection
  • Includes one iQ 16 Sync Charge Box™
  • Designed to be mobile
  • Strong and durable

Please note! This product has been discontinued. Please contact us for more information or to talk about an alternative solution.

The iPad transport case uses a genuine Pelican brand case with modified foam cutouts to hold up to 20 iPad devices!

The iQ Traveller 20 iPad transport case is equipped with everything you need to sync, charge, store and transport up to 20 iPad devices.


  • Mobility just got easier. The iQ Traveller is a rugged Pelican brand iPad transport case on wheels designed to transport up to 20 iPad or iPad Air devices.
  • Built by Pelican Case. Know that the outer shell is going to last in almost any environment.
  • Efficient syncing! Using synchronisation software on your MacBook, The iQ Traveller can sync up to 16 iPad or iPad Air devices simultaneously, or 20 in rotation.1
  • Efficient charging. With 2.1 amp power at each port, the iQ Traveller is capable of charging up to 16 iPad or iPad Air devices at the same time, or charge 20 devices in rotation.
  • Cushioned and protected. The iPad devices are stored in foam slots to prevent them from being damaged in transit. This means less cracked screens and more functioning iPad devices ready to use when you need them.
  • The perfect balance. The iQ Traveller 20 is a custom built Pelican Storm Case that is both light and strong. You can store up to 20 iPad devices (with or without Smart Covers),  the iQ 16 Sync Charge Box and all your connector cables.
  • Intelligent power management system. The iQ 16 Sync Charge Box automatically stages the availability of power to each port. This function prevents the potential of overloading the circuit and protecting your devices.
  • The iQ Traveller 20 is compact in design so that you can store it under a desk or somewhere out of sight.
  • FREE SHIPPING to almost anywhere in Australia.²


Product Code

External Product Dimensions (mm)
Height: 632
Width: 602
Length: 333
Weight: 13.5kg


Internal Dimensions
Designed to fit naked iPad devices with a small case. Call us for more information.

Please note:
We advise you to sync and charge your devices outside of the iQ Traveller 20. Specifications and images are for illustration purposes only. Final product may differ. iPad and MacBook are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iPad Air is a trademark of Apple Inc. Pelican Storm Case are trademarks of Pelican Products, Inc. 1 The time taken to sync all devices will depend on the amount of content to be transferred and the number of devices connected. Contact us for more details. 2 FREE SHIPPING (Australia only), contact us or a Reseller for exclusions.