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Joey 10 Charging Station™


What devices are compatible with the Joey 10 Charging Station?

Almost any Tablet device. Criteria:
1) It must be USB chargeable
2) Needs to fit in the device slots. To give you an idea, all 10" Tablets are compatible. If you want to play it safe, give us a call and we'll be happy to help.

I want to use Baskets with the Joey 10 Charging Station. Will they fit?

Yes. Simply remove the two black device racks and order a set of Baskets by PC Locs.

My Joey 10 Charging Station isn't charging.

Check the USB chargers located under the top hood. Ensure that the switch is on 2.4 Amps. For more details on how to check and access the USB chargers, download the instruction manual below.

I need to sync my devices too.

We have an iQ 10 Sync Charge Station and iQ 16 Sync Charge Box available. Check out the products tab in the top menu section to view the features and benefits.

What is the charging rate of the Joey 10 Charging Station

Maximum of 2.4 amps at each port.


Joey 10 Charging Station Instruction Manual

PC Locs products are easy to set up. Download the instruction manual for more information. For further assistance please contact us.

Product Support Videos

Joey 10 Charging Station - Setup Video Guide

This video demonstrates how to setup the Joey 10 Charging Station for the first time after unpacking. For more details refer to the downloadable PDF instruction manual.


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