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Small tech solution helps speed up growth for fast food restaurant

03.04.19 by Velsen in Blog, Testimonials

Background On September 22, 2016, Monica Daniel and her husband Craig celebrated the grand opening of their very own franchised fast food restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin. When you step inside their doors, you can feel the energy of the bustling, family-owned business, and it doesn’t take long after talking to the owners to realize how passionate they are about their work, their staff, their customers and community. However, if you have indeed stepped inside their doors, you’re actually in the…

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Technology Management is Central to Quality, Person-Centred Care

18.03.19 by Velsen in Blog, Testimonials

Background There are 19 care homes in the Hallmark Care Homes network, where innovative and award-winning facilities are matched with the personal touch only a family-run provider can offer. All across England and South Wales, residents are enabled to live active, fulfilling lives because of Hallmark’s person-centered approach to care. Hallmark maintains a standard of excellence throughout their organization, and as such, continues to improve upon their offerings and processes. One recent upgrade included the launch of 135 tablets in tandem with…

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Edgerton School District Delivers Big Impact through STEM Program with the help of PC Locs

18.02.19 by Velsen in Blog, Testimonials

Background Edgerton, Wisconsin is a small town of just over 5,500 people; with a school system that boasts well rounded and accomplished graduates year after year. A system committed to academics, well-maintained facilities, arts, athletics and, of course, technology. The district, made up of four schools, not only remains up-to-date with technological developments but also paves the way for students to incorporate tech into their learning. Students are using mobile devices to be introduced to computer coding skills, app development, math…

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FUYL Cells in action.

28.07.17 by PC Locs in Blog, Testimonials

At PC Locs, we strive to deliver products that will work in just about any situation. They are popular in schools, universities, hospitals, business offices and now even in remote places such as campsites! Woody Head Campground, located near Iluka NSW, is a popular campground on the North Coast for a family holiday. However, like all campsites there are never proper facilities available to charge your devices such as mobiles phones and tablets. This is now possible with PC Locs and some…

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CarryOn Charging Station at Como Primary School

11.05.17 by PC Locs in Testimonials, Videos

See how the CarryOn Charging Station is making life easier for teachers, students and IT Managers at Como Primary School. Rachel Martino, IT Manager & Teacher at Como Primary School, outlines how the CarryOn enables them to share devices between students and classrooms in a really efficient way. See Rachel she had to say:

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