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PC Locs Customer Voices: Student sees the importance of technology downtime at Peace Lutheran College

05.08.20 by Velsen in Blog, Industry News, Testimonials, Videos

Tyra, Boarding Student at Peace Lutheran College, sees the importance of technology downtime to help with sleep, learning and social life and how the FUYL Tower has helped achieve this. Tyra explains how having devices charged and ready to use at all times is important especially for boarding students to contact family, but also outlines that having charged devices is important as learning is technology based. Having the FUYL Tower has helped students become more independent and responsible by having…

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CarryOn Charging Station at Como Primary School

11.05.17 by PC Locs in Testimonials, Videos

See how the CarryOn Charging Station is making life easier for teachers, students and IT Managers at Como Primary School. Rachel Martino, IT Manager & Teacher at Como Primary School, outlines how the CarryOn enables them to share devices between students and classrooms in a really efficient way. See Rachel she had to say:

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Virtual Reality Classroom Experience with the Carrier 30 Cart

27.02.17 by PC Locs in Blog, Industry News, Videos

Introducing our first 360 classroom video. Experience how the Carrier 30 Cart is being used in a real world classroom. Ever wanted to see how our products are being used in the classroom? Now you can with this 360 degree virtual reality video of the Carrier 30 Cart in a classroom. Watch and see how effortless pack-up time can be. Press play on the video and click and drag to scroll around the classroom to see how students interact with…

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PC Locs Baskets have a profound impact on class time: Save up to 70 hours per year per Cart

29.11.16 by PC Locs in Blog, Industry News, Videos

At PC Locs, our goal is to develop solutions that empower teachers and enable students to learn more effectively. The Baskets were designed to enhance the use of mobile devices in the classroom. One of the most profound impacts they have had in learning environments is the amount of time that is saved when handing out devices at the start of lessons and packing them up at the end. We have found that teachers can gain an additional 70 hours…

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Get classroom teaching time back with PC Locs Carts

29.07.16 by PC Locs in Videos

We compared packing up our Cart against a Traditional Cabinet Style Cart to see what the difference was. The results were amazing. See how teachers can save 40 hours per school year in device pack up time alone!

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