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PC Locs solutions are designed to make life easier for those implementing mobile technology deployments. Watch these videos to learn how PC Locs can help.

Carrier 30 Cart Case Study – Australian Institute of Management

08.04.15 by PC Locs in Blog, Industry News, Product News, Testimonials, Videos

Case Study: Watch how the Carrier 30 Cart by PC Locs has allowed the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) to deploy devices quickly and keep them secure. The Basket system allows the educator to grab a basket in each hand and carry them to where they are needed. “We have limited time with the participants, so being able to grab a Basket and placing them on a table give participants immediate access to the devices. I can do that in a matter of…

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Carrier 40 Cart – Como Primary School video testimonial

01.05.14 by PC Locs in Videos

The Carrier 40 Cart is designed to make deploying mobile devices in your school or organisation easier. How? Penny, Vice Principal at Como Primary School said that they needed a Cart that manages the charging and storage of more devices. The Carrier 40 does all that and more. Whilst Rachel, a teacher at Como Primary School said that the baskets, that are equipped with every Carrier 40 Cart, speeds up deploying their devices… meaning that she can get on with…

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iQ 30 Cart™ for iPad devices

20.02.14 by PC Locs in Videos

Introducing the all new iQ 30 Cart. The ultimate solution for managing iPad deployments. It can sync, charge, store, secure and transport up to 30 iPad, iPad Air and iPad mini devices. Click here for more information.

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iQ 16 Cart™ for iPad devices

27.05.13 by PC Locs in Videos

Simplify the use of iPad devices in your school and organization by implementing an iQ 16 Cart to your iPad program. the iQ 16 Cart by PC Locs Technologies can sync, charge, store, secure and transport up to 16 iPad devices. PC Locs…it just makes life easier. Click here to watch it on YouTube.

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iQ 16 Sync Charge Box™ Video

12.04.12 by PC Locs in Videos

Managing large sets of iPad devices has never been easier. The iQ 16 Sync Charge Box™ is a hand held USB hub that can sync up to 16 iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini or any iOS devices simultaneously. It can also charge using the full 2.1 amps required to charge iPad devices. iPad and iOS compatible Hand held portability Multiple simultaneous syncing Click here for more information

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