A better way to manage student and staff devices.

Provide reliable access to ready-to-go mobile devices needed for high academic achievement – all while maintaining control of your time and tech budget.


Trusted by 15,000+ schools worldwide

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Hardware asset management solutions that make a tangible difference in education.

70 Hours

Saved Every Year

Time saved every year in device distribution and collection per top-loading PC Locs trolley with baskets vs. traditional cabinet-style trolley.

80 %

Less Time Spent

Tech teams spend 80% less time managing forgotten, uncharged, and missing devices when automating hardware asset management with the FUYL™ Smart Locker System.

90 %

Smart Locker Customer Satisfaction

Customers who utilise the FUYL™ Smart Locker System are very satisfied overall.

25 Years

Serving Education

PC Locs products have been trusted by schools worldwide for over 25 years.


Efficiently loan mobile devices to students, faculty, and subs.

Student device loans and substitute device checkouts shouldn’t consume tech coordinators' time and sanity. Quickly assign students and faculty with instant, self-serve access to loaner devices while automatically tracking returns.

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Maximise instructional time for students and staff.

Strive for zero device downtime by streamlining broken device swaps. When a device breaks, access to a new device can be granted via the FUYL Portal in a few simple clicks. The broken device can then be exchanged via a Smart Locker – all in a matter of minutes.

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Flexible solutions for every program type, device type, and school environment.

With a wide variety of features, benefits, capacities, and configurations, feel confident that you’re selecting a product mix that aligns with your school or district’s top priorities.

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Enable students to securely charge their devices during the school day.

Chromebook, tablet, and laptop batteries don’t always last an entire school day – but with secure charging lockers in hallways, lunchrooms, etc., students can quickly charge their devices between classes.

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Achieve Meaningful Outcomes

Efficient smart lockers for schools and classroom charging stations will improve device management processes that are standing in the way of achieving your goals.

Automate Device Distribution Collection-blue
Automate Device Distribution and Collection

Provide students and faculty with self-serve access to devices while maintaining control and oversight.

Improve IT Response TImes-blue
Improve IT Response Times

Enable loaner or replacement device checkouts in a matter of minutes so students can get back to learning and staff can get back to working.

Remotely Manage Device Access-blue
Remotely Manage Device Access

Tech teams can offer better IT support, even if they’re not physically present.

Hold Device Users Accountable-blue
Hold Device Users Accountable

Track device loans and returns to lower rates of device breakage and shrinkage.

Stretch Tech Resources Further-blue
Stretch Tech Resources Further

Automate manual processes so you can work within a sustainable budget, while freeing up time to focus on your big-picture goals.

Empower Easy Device Access-blue
Empower Easy Device Access

Self-serve access to loaner or replacement devices provides students and employees with the tools they need to learn without interrupting others.

Maximize Device Uptime-blue
Maximise Device Uptime

Students and faculty with a broken device can get back to learning or working faster by checking out a loan or replacement in minutes.

Provide Secure  Individual Charging-blue
Provide Secure, Individual Charging

Devices that need a top-off during the day or overnight can be securely charged without worry of theft or loss.

High-Value Benefits for Districts, Schools, and Classrooms

Robust Warranty-blue
Built to last, backed by robust warranty

Feel confident that your schools' charging stations and charging trolleys will withstand the wear and tear of busy classrooms, while contributing less e-waste to the landfill.

Fast setup-blue
Fast setup, easy maintenance

Lightning-fast setup, ease of serviceability, and world-class customer support are key reasons why schools choose PC Locs.

Time-saving device baskets

Many of our charging solutions for education include handy little baskets for efficient and safe hand out and pack up of devices.

Small Footprint-blue
Space-saving, compact designs

No need to cram charging solutions into tight environments. We’ve optimised our charging trolleys and stations for tight spaces.

ECO Safe Power Management-blue
Eco-friendly charging

EcoSafe charging technology safely charge 20-40 devices without electrical overload or over-consuming energy.

Customer Stories & Other Resources

Hear the real-world experiences of our customers as they reflect on the impact our unique solutions have on improving efficiency for their organisation, and explore useful blogs, articles, and much more.

Customer Voices: Smart Lockers Reduce Time Spent on Device Issues by 80% at Brasher Falls
Learn how the Tech Team at Brasher Falls experienced a significant reduction in time spent managing device issues caused by lost, missing or uncharged devices.
Customer Voices: Director of IT Saves Time & Space in Schools with Putnam Charging Station
The Director of IT at Putnam City Schools in Oklahoma City talks about the features of the PC Locs Putnam Charging Station that have allowed her school district to get back valuable teaching time.
5 Tips to Guide Education Technology Investments
As government spending on education continues to decline across the US and UK, schools need to maximize their edtech investments. Follow these 5 tips to determine if your district is making the best use of its technology funds.

Recommended Solutions
for Primary & Secondary Education

Smart Locker System Use Cases

Efficiently manage forgotten, lost, or broken devices.
Loan and Collect Devices

Provide instant access to secured loaner devices any time, even remotely.

Exchange Broken Devices

Quickly exchange broken devices when students or staff experience issues.

Deploy New Devices

Efficiently onboard new students, faculty, or substitute teachers.

Top Off Flat Devices

Securely charge a device during lunch, P.E., etc. so students are ready to learn.

Charging Trolleys
for Education

Charge, store, secure, and transport 16-40 mobile devices.
Carrier™ Charging Carts

Ultra-durable, top-loading cart with baskets or racks.

20, 30, or 40 Devices | Universal
Revolution™ Charging Carts
Compact, open cart design with dividers.
16 or 32 Devices | Chromebooks, Laptops

Charging Stations
for Education

Charge, store, and secure 5-32 mobile devices.
Carrier™ Charging Stations

Flexible, compact station with baskets and racks.

10 or 15 Devices | Universal
Revolution™ 32 Charging Cabinet

High-capacity, small-footprint station with racks.

32 Devices | Universal
iQ™ 10 USB-C PD Charging Station
Fast-charging, compact station with baskets and racks.
10 Devices | iPads, Tablets
Putnam™ USB-C PD Charging Stations
Fast-charging, compact station with charging status lights. Pre-wired standard.
8 or 16 Devices | iPads, Tablets, Chromebooks
Putnam™ 18 Charging Stations

Small footprint station with shelves.

18 Devices | Universal
CarryOn™ USB-C PD Charging Station
Fast-charging, compact mobile station with dividers.
5 Devices | iPads, Tablets

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