Provide efficient, controlled access to ready-to-go devices.

Mobile devices are critical in day-to-day operations for nearly every industry. Get the right tech into the right hands quickly and consistently.


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Make routine device checkouts and returns easy for everyone involved.

Employees can quickly access mobile devices and other assets from a centralised smart locker and return them when they’re done – no oversight for your device check out and in program needed.

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Save time, money, and headaches when managing mission-critical mobile tech.

Don’t let uncharged, missing, or broken devices derail those who oversee device checkouts. Lessen the burden of manual checkouts by using a smart locker to streamline access, deployment, and return of devices – so you can focus on the things that matter most.


Hold employees accountable to device check out/in processes.

Remotely control who can check out a device, know the complete history of smart locker access, and track whether or not devices have been returned. Accountability is a key component of operational efficiency for your device check in and out program.

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Implement seamless device checkouts and returns with the FUYL™ Smart Locker System.

Pre-Authorise a Group of Routine Users

Within the FUYL™ Portal, System Admins can pre-authorise a group of users to multiple smart locker bays, so users can access what they need without assistance. All activity is tracked, so Admins know who took what and if it's been returned.

Pre-Authorise Individual Routine Users

Within the FUYL™ Portal, System Admins can provide a single user with exclusive, long-term access to a specific bay, ensuring that the user can access ready-to-go tools any time they're needed.

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