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iQ Traveller™

12.04.12 by PC Locs in Videos

The iQ Traveller 20™ is a rugged case on wheels that makes syncing and charging up to 16 iPad or iPad Air devices quick and easy.

Additional features:

  • Transport up to 20 iPad or iPad Air devices.
  • Sync up to 16 iPad or iPad Air devices at once! or 20 in rotation
  • Charge 16 iPad or iPad Air devices in the same time it would take to charge one, or 20 in rotation
  • Internal foam protection
  • Strong Pelican Storm Case construction
  • And more.

Please note: The video above is of the old iQ Traveller 16 case. The new and improved case is the iQ Traveller 20 which holds up to 20 iPad devices. Click here for more information on the iQ Traveller 20.

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