Classroom Charging Stations & Classroom Carts for Schools K-12

Classroom charging stations & classroom carts by PC Locs are designed specifically for the unique needs of the education market. With our roots in education and our continuous feedback loop with educators, our charging stations for schools are built to simplify and enhance mobile device deployments. We offer Chromebook carts for schools and charging stations that are compatible with Chromebooks, tablets, laptops & iPads and more!

The unique open top-loading design and baskets make deployment of devices easier than ever before. Baskets by PC Locs allow devices to be shared between and throughout classrooms quickly, safely and easily by using Chromebook carts. Devices can be distributed in a fraction of the time, saving up to 70 hours of instructional time each school year per 30-unit cart.

Additionally, the universal classroom charging stations & classroom carts, provide maximum flexibility in what type of devices you need to charge. You can swap out the charging cables to charge any type of device, including; Chromebooks, tablets, iPads, laptops and even robots. As your technology changes, you don’t have to reinvest in a new charging solution. If it fits in a cart, it can be charged in the cart. Doesn’t that make life easier!

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