Mobile Device Charging, Security and Management Solutions for Manufacturing, Warehousing & Distribution

Efficiently manage daily deployment of tablets, handhelds, wearables, scanners and more to keep your workforce working.

Physical Device Management Benefits

Automate Manual Processes

Automate manual processes for check in/out or break/fix programs so employees can get to work fasters without disrupting the tech team or department managers.

Increase Efficiency

By placing mobile device charging stations in visible and convenient locations, workers will have more convenient and reliable access to fully-charged devices.

Decrease Costs

A secure multi device charging locker lowers your per-employee cost by reducing the number of lost or stolen devices.

Protect Devices & Data

Securing devices in a durable LocknCharge charging solution can protect your business from data theft or device shrink.

See How Smart Charging Lockers Improve Efficiency

Check-in/Check-out Workflow

At the start of each shift, workers use their assigned PINs or RFID badges to open an assigned locker and retrieve a device. At the end of the day, they put their devices back in a locker, where they will be accounted for, charged and secure.

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Loaner Devices or Break/Fix Workflow 

What happens if a device goes missing, encounters a fatal error, or gets damaged during a shift?

Designating a FUYL Tower for "hot spares," ensures no time is lost getting devices into the hands of workers who need them. Employees can be on their way with a loaner device for the day with minimal interruption.

Best Mobile Device Charging & Management Solutions
for Manufacturing, Warehousing & Distribution

FUYL Tower Smart Lockers: Save time and money by automating mobile device management.

FUYL Tower Smart Lockers by PC Locs allow you to automate time-wasting manual processes for managing mobile devices, minimise device downtime, provide secure public charging on demand and much more.

Product Benefits

  • Automate Broken Device Exchanges
  • Simplify Device Check In/Out
  • Cloud-Based Intelligent Remote Management
  • Zero Human Interaction Device Management
  • Integrate with External Systems via API and Web Hooks
Easily charge, store, secure and manage iPad, Tablet or iPhone devices.

At a quick glance, the external lights allow you to easily know which devices are available for use. A centralised point of charging ensures that devices are always put back where they came from and that they're always charged and ready to go. Secure MFi approved Lightning cables (included) or Micro-USB cables (alternative version) reduce replacement cable costs by keeping cables safe and secure.

Product Benefits

  • Secure Lightning Cables or
    Micro-USB Cables Included
  • External Charging Status Display
  • No Tanged Cords
  • Integrated Combination Lock
  • Easy Setup
Charge, store, secure and carry up to 10 or 15 of just about any mobile device.

Save valuable time and money each and every day with the Carrier 10 or Carrier 15 Charging Station: simple to use, easy to set up and ultra secure.

Product Benefits

  • Baskets and Racks
  • Organised Cables
  • Wall or Desk Mountable
  • Easy Cable Management
  • Future Proof
  • Small Footprint

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