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Mount Horeb Area High School Modernises Facility with Secure Public Charging On Demand

16.03.23 by Velsen in Blog, Testimonials



The Mount Horeb Area School District serves 2,500 students in grades PK through 12. They were undergoing construction of a brand new addition to their high school when they came across PC Locs. Committed to making the new space “state-of-the-art everything”, the district’s Director of Technology found the new FUYL Tower 15 very appealing. After comparing options and exploring all the features, it was a clear choice. The FUYL Tower was a quality product, well worth the investment.


Students needed a way to securely charge their devices in public areas of the school so that devices were not lost, stolen, or broken while charging. Outlets can be hard to come by and do not provide protection against breakage or theft.


The FUYL Tower solution offers the best pathway to modernising facilities across the entire district. Innovative, on-demand, centralised, and secure smart charging lockers offer total convenience without expensive infrastructure updates. The new addition is the perfect place to start infusing thoughtful 21st-century design and amenities.


Wall outlet use is minimised, keeping devices safe and sound while charging.

Students are in control. Students use the centralised Towers to store and charge their devices behind a door that is locked using their personal RFID badge.

Mount Horeb is able to establish itself as an innovative district from all aspects. Their investments will help to increase enrolment, which will benefit the school long term.

FUYL Tower in “Public Mode” is available for anyone who needs fast and secure charging on demand. Examples include students who need a device charge during the day, environments where devices are prohibited, or for students facing housing insecurity.

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