FUYL Tower™ Charging Stations

Quick Benefits

  • Intelligent Asset Management System
  • Set up and manage who is allowed access to bays & Towers
  • Manage multiple Towers from one centralised portal
  • Securely charge & store devices so they’re always ready
  • Integrate PC Locs Cloud with external systems
  • Physical and digital security
  • RFID or PIN code access
  • Curfew settings
  • Lifetime warranty
A complete hardware and software solution to efficiently charge, store, secure and manage workflow for phones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices.

PC Locs charging lockers allow organisations to reach their goals by saving a considerable amount of time managing mobile devices. Our smart charging towers are designed and developed with extreme consideration for the end user, solving pain points specific to your needs.

Works Seamlessly in Many Mobile Device Environments

Save time and resources by facilitating your workflow with zero human interaction.

Check In/Out


Shared Devices

Loaner Devices

Public Charging

Employees, students or guests (such as substitute teachers) can easily check out devices as needed. Designate who can access the Tower in advance or on the fly. Towers can track who has taken a specific device and when it has been returned.

Reduce device downtime by streamlining your break/fix workflow. Employees and students can easily drop a broken device in the FUYL Tower and retrieve a new device while theirs is being fixed.

Employees (such as shift workers or field crews) can easily share the same set of devices. Pre-set access to specific Towers or bays to limit who is able to access specific devices. Plus, track when a device has been taken and when it has been returned.

Any time loaner device is needed, simply grant that person access to a designated compartment, Tower or group of Towers. Track who took the device, when it was taken, and when it has been returned.

Placing a Tower in Public Mode makes it open and available for anyone who needs secure charging on demand. Examples include students, employees, customers, etc. who need a charge during the day, for environments where devices are prohibited, or even for students with housing insecurity.

Key Features

Automate manual processes for managing mobile devices to reduce wasted time, minimise device downtime, maintain devices with zero human interaction, provide secure charging on demand and much more.

Manage User Access to Towers with Active Directory Integration.

Integrate your Active Directory to PC Locs Cloud and simplify the administration of user access to FUYL Tower deployments in your organisation.

An Active Directory (AD) Integration gives administrators centralised control over which AD users or user group(s) are available for authorising access to FUYL Towers. The benefits of centralised control are:

  • Enhanced security. Eg when a user leaves an organisation, disabling them from your AD would automatically disable them from accessing FUYL Towers.
  • Faster setup and maintenance. Eg. rather than recreating users in PC Locs Cloud, integrate your AD to our system and save time.

If you prefer not to integrate, PC Locs Cloud also includes a built-in User Directory that allows Cloud administrators to upload a user list or manually add users into the platform..

Securely Charge and Store Devices so They’re Always Ready for Use

All bays contain a power outlet and a 2.4 amp USB port so you can securely charge almost any device, including: iPads, tablets, laptops, mobile phones, Chromebooks and more.1

Manage Multiple Towers from One Centralised, Web-Based Portal

Give designated admins detailed access to view and manage any number of Towers. Efficiently manage Towers by cascading settings to multiple Towers, groups of Towers or groups of users with “bulk operations”, “station groups” and “user groups”.

Integrate PC Locs Cloud with External Systems

Take device management to the next level. Using Cloud API and webhooks, PC Locs Cloud can be integrated into external and/or existing IT infrastructure.

Improve Workflow with PC Locs Cloud

A PC Locs Cloud subscription grants access to the web-based management portal and features. Initial subscription is included with initial FUYL Tower bundle.2

  • Easily cascade settings to all Towers or specific Towers to make setting up and managing Towers quick and efficient.
  • View Tower status at the company, Tower or bay level to see detailed information, such as whether bays are assigned, available or offline.
  • Remotely control Tower access to unlock bays, take a bay offline, clear a user from a reserved bay, set a curfew, or even to completely lock down a Tower.
  • Integrate existing IT infrastructure into Tower workflow through Cloud API and webhooks.
  • View a detailed event log to know who accessed bays and when, know when updates are made by administrators and more.
  • Set up and manage Towers with three levels of administration: Owner, Admin or Station Admin.
  • Grant specific users access to certain bays or Towers by using their RFID badge or assigned PIN code.
  • Admins can create User Groups to better manage users and to authorize large sets of users to specific Towers or groups of Towers.


  • Create a tree structure to organize and manage Towers easily.
  • Update Tower firmware and software over the air.


Click here to view and download the PC Locs Cloud Subscription flyer to view all features of the subscription package.

Additional Benefits
  • Multi-Level Security. All data stored in the Cloud is protected by industry-standard encryption certificates. PC Locs Cloud remotely applies updates and security patches to FUYL charging lockers as they become available to better prepare against cyber attacks. Heavy-duty steel construction ensures devices are kept safe while inside the smart charging locker.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) can be used to help protect your account from unauthorised access by requiring you to enter an additional code when you sign in. The Two-Factor Authentication feature currently supports the use of an authenticator app authentication method.
  • RFID Ready or PIN Code Access. Bays can be opened via RFID or PIN code. FUYL Towers support almost every RFID standard on the market. MiFare: MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE DESFire® 0.6, MIFARE DESFire EV1. HID: iCLASS® Standard/SE/SR/Seos; PIV II, Secure Identity Object® (SIO®).
  • Bay Visibility. Each bay has an external LED indicator to know if a bay is available (green), reserved (white) or offline (no light). A window provides visibility inside each bay–or if privacy is preferred, window-blocking plates are also included.
  • Future Proof. Modular replacement parts allow hardware serviceability in the field. Software and firmware upgrades are available over-the-air via the PC Locs Cloud with a subscription purchase.
  • Curfew Settings. PC Locs Cloud allows admins to configure Tower settings to restrict access to the Tower or a group of Towers.
  • Easy-to-Follow Tower Display. Administrative functions are available from the 4.3” Graphical Color Tower Control Module and Keypad. The Tower’s user interface is simple to navigate for both admins and users.3
  • Sleek Hardware Design. The FUYL Tower’s sleek, minimalist design and smart locker compartments easily adapt to any environment.
  • Additional Storage Compartment at the bottom of the unit. Perfect for adding additional equipment.
  • Lifetime Warranty. Have confidence your product will last the test of time.4
Optional Extras
  • Wall Mounting Kit. The FUYL Tower 5 can be mounted to wall.
  • Network Kit. An optional Network Kit expands the data transfer capabilities through individual Ethernet connections to each bay. The Network Kit enables installation of a network switch (not included), making it possible to re-image devices remotely.

Tech Specs

FUYL Tower 5

FUYL Tower 15

Total number of Devices: 

10 (2 per compartment5, 5 compartments)

30 (2 per compartment5, 15 compartments)

External Product Dimensions:

593(H) x 528(W) x 480(D) mm

1696(H) x 523(W) x 478(D) mm


35 kgs6

88 kgs6

Product Number:



Device Compatibility:

Chromebooks, Laptops, MacBooks, Tablets, iPads and more!

Chromebooks, Laptops, MacBooks, Tablets, iPads and more!

Slot Size:

73(H) x 365(W) x 438(D) mm

73(H) x 365(W) x 438(D) mm

Lock Type:

Keypad or RFID

Keypad or RFID


Standalone unit. Ability to mount to a wall.

Standalone unit

Product Construction/Durability:

A mix of welded and riveted construction.

A mix of welded and riveted construction.

Concealed Cords:

✔ ✔


*Network Kit

*Network Kit: 153(H) x 531(W) x 478(D) mm

*Network switch not included with network kit.

Please note:
Specifications and images are for illustration purposes only. Final product may differ. iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S and other countries. Chromebook is a trademark of Google Inc. 1 May not fit all devices and cases. Please check compatibility. Contact us for more details. 2 PC Locs Cloud can be renewed for an annual fee after initial subscription expires. Contact our customer service team for more details. 3 Range of available features at the Tower display depends on whether or not you subscribe to the PC Locs Cloud.4 Click here for full warranty details. 5 Exception of 2 Laptops – Eg: One Laptop and one phone/tablet/PDA per compartment. 6 Additional accessories and equipment will add weight and size.

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