FUYL Tower™ Pro 5
Smart Lockers

A complete smart locker solution with cloud-based software to efficiently charge, store, secure and manage workflow for phones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices.

Smarter mobile device management with FUYL Tower Pro Smart Charging Lockers

FUYL Tower powered by PC Locs Cloud can automate device check in/out, broken device exchanges and secure public charging on demand.
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Smarter mobile device management with FUYL Tower Pro Smart Lockers

FUYL Tower powered by PC Locs Cloud can automate device check in/out, broken device exchanges and secure public charging on demand.
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On-the-Fly Device Exchanges

Authorised users are granted on-the-fly access to loaner devices inside lockers.

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External Cloud Integrations

This process can be automated further by integrating external help desk software with PC Locs Cloud.

Pre-Assigned Checkouts

Authorised users can access devices inside lockers any time without assistance.

On-the-Fly Checkouts

Authorised users can be given access to shared devices inside lockers on the fly.

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Managed Public Charging

Authorised users can select a bay to charge their device at their convenience.

Full Public Mode

Anyone can select a bay and user-assigned PIN to charge their device.

FUYL Tower Hardware Features

USB-C PD Port and Power Outlet

Each bay contains one power outlet and one 36W USB-C PD Charging port.

Secure, Steel Construction

Robust construction deters attempted break-ins.

Serviceability in the FIeld

Various hardware and electronic components are packaged into modules.

RFID or PIN Code Access

Compartments can be opened via RFID or PIN code. FUYL Tower supports most RFID standards.

External LED Bay Status

Each bay has an external LED indicator to know if a bay is available (green), reserved (white) or offline (no light). 

Illuminated Compartments

Internal bay lights help users clearly see contents inside when the door is open.

Easy-to-Follow Display

4.3" graphical color control module and keypad is simple to navigate for both admins and users.

Optional Network Kit

The Network Kit enables installation of a network switch (not included), making it possible to re-image devices remotely.

Download the FUYL Tower Smart Charging Locker Evaluation Guide

As you prepare for your charging locker proof of concept, download the FUYL Tower Evaluation Guide to ensure a successful program launch.

  • Cloud Features & Security Info
  • Implementation Requirements
  • Complete Hardware Features
  • Detailed FUYL Tower Pro Specs

FUYL Tower Pro 5 Hardware Specs & Accessories

Tower Specs528 (W) x 480 (D) x 583 (H) mm | 35 kg
Bay Specs365 (W) x 438 (D) x 73 (H) mm
5 Bays per Tower
Bay PowerOne (1) power outlet
220-240VAC 50Hz 4A Max for each AC outlet

One (1) 36W USB-C Power Delivery port per bay
Available output power range: 5V 3A | 9V 3A | 12V 3A | 15V 2.25A | 20V 1.8A
Bay AccessRFID
Tower Power Specs1 IEC power receptical
220-240VAC, 50Hz, 10A
Hardware Bundle SKUsCloud Software Bundle
PCL3-10460 - FUYL Tower Pro 5 & Cloud Bundle (1 Year Cloud Advanced)
PCL3-10465 - FUYL Tower Pro 5 & Cloud Bundle (1 Year Cloud Essentials)
WarrantyLifetime Warranty. Click for more details.
Optional AccessoriesFUYL Tower Pro 5 Network Kit (PCL3-10318).

FUYL Tower Pro 15 USB Retention Kit (PCL3-10409). Designed to secure USB-C cables inside the FUYL Towers USB-C port.

FUYL Tower Pro USB Retention Kit for Apple USB-C Cables (PCL3-10421). Designed to secure Apple USB-C cables inside the FUYL Towers USB-C port.

FUYL Tower Smart Locker Customer Success Stories

Smart Charging Lockers Solving Device Management for Mondovi School District

November 2022 | Mondovi, WI Background: School District of Mondovi The School District of Mondovi is home to about 950 students in grades K-12, all on one shared campus. Within this small western Wisconsin town, community members and school district staff work together to provide students with individual attention, contemporary technology and limitless opportunity. With forward and pragmatic thinking, and a lean team of professionals, they are able to problem-solve quickly and efficiently to best serve the needs of their…

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A “Textbook” Launch for Digital Textbooks

Vauban’s blueprint for a successful launch of their 1:1 Take-Home iPad program. Background Vauban is a private educational institution approved by the French Ministry of National Education. Located in Luxembourg, it was founded in 2017 from the merger of the French School of Luxembourg and the Lycée Vauban. It is part of Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), a unique network made up of 522* schools, located in 139* countries. With nearly 2,600 students in attendance, Vauban welcomes students from…

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Cullen Diesel Power Ltd. Mechanics Get Recharged

With a diverse and young population of more than 500,000, growing by approximately 1,000 new residents each month, the city of Surrey, British Columbia asserts, “the future lives here.” Perhaps that’s why Cullen Diesel Power, Ltd. is a perfect fit. The multi-faceted power company with a lean IT department puts a focus on technology and its smooth, seamless integration into their work. Challenge A mechanic’s shop is not exactly the ideal location for keeping expensive devices clean, organised and in…

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PC Locs Customer Voices: FUYL Tower provides a secure space for student technology at Peace Lutheran College

Patrice Hancey, Boarding House Parent at Peace Lutheran College, explains how the FUYL Tower helps control anti-social behaviour by keeping student technology locked down during specified times, as well as a secure place to store and charge their technology and other valuables. Patrice explains that the main concerns of having technology in the boarding environment is it can be very anti social and you can have issues with online bullying if they have too much access to social media. The…

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PC Locs Customer Voices: FUYL Tower has helped control the use and security of devices at Peace Lutheran College

Marcus Wilkinson, Head of Boarding at Peace Lutheran College, explains how the FUYL Tower has helped them secure devices and solve the issue of boarding students turning up to class with uncharged devices. The FUYL Tower has helped resolve a number of issues the school was facing such as uncharged devices, lost locks and keys, insecure location and storage of devices and many more. The FUYL Tower has enabled the IT department to allocate a locker to each student and…

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PC Locs Customer Voices: FUYL Tower has stopped the unauthorised access of devices at Peace Lutheran College

Rob Armstrong, Head of ICT at Peace Lutheran College, explains how the PC Locs FUYL Tower has helped stop unauthorised access to devices by boarding students outside of allocated hours. Prior to the FUYL Tower, students would be using devices at all times of the day and night. The school struggled to keep student devices charged and secured. Now each student has an RFID enabled student card which is used to access their allocated locker. The Curfew feature means that…

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PC Locs Customer Voices: Student sees the importance of technology downtime at Peace Lutheran College

Tyra, Boarding Student at Peace Lutheran College, sees the importance of technology downtime to help with sleep, learning and social life and how the FUYL Tower has helped achieve this. Tyra explains how having devices charged and ready to use at all times is important especially for boarding students to contact family, but also outlines that having charged devices is important as learning is technology based. Having the FUYL Tower has helped students become more independent and responsible by having…

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Remote Learning Readiness: 5 Takeaways from a Thriving District Tech Department

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the 2019-2020 school year, it’s that we all have adaptability within us. Here we are, navigating fully-remote learning–and just a few short weeks ago we thought “zoom” was a verb. As we’ve witnessed innate creativity and problem solving surface in so many ways during these unprecedented times, it’s helpful to take a look at the best practices that have allowed some school districts to pivot a little more quickly and smoothly than others. …

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