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The PC Locs story

PC Locs global headquarters is based in Perth, Western Australia. Fifteen years ago, PC Locs (The PC Locs localized brand name for Australia) began operating out of a backyard shed – at the home of Mr Paul Symons, now co-owner, director and product designer for the global company. Paul was a school teacher who identified a need in the market after seeing hundreds of computers being stolen on a weekly basis within his hometown Perth, Western Australia. Paul designed and developed a solution for securing desktop computers, which went on to have a radical impact on reducing computer theft throughout Australia. In 2001, Paul was approached to develop a solution to store, charge, secure and transport laptop computers in schools. This led to a decade of product development, and the distribution of innovatively designed carts for managing technology in Australian Schools.

Over the past 3 years, PC Locs has formed five trusted and successful distribution partnerships in New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom, Korea and Turkey. PC Locs works with each of these distributors and their respective resellers on a daily basis to drive business within the channel. These distribution partnerships have significantly contributed to, and will continue to contribute to PC Locs’s success in the global market place.

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