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Mobile technology is infinitely changing and mobiles devices continue to shape our work place. Read about the technology and devices that shape PC Locs solutions, and potentially your working and learning environment.

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4 Ways Smart Lockers Make Life Easier for Tech Managers, Teachers and Students in K-12 Schools

19.02.24 by Velsen in Blog, Videos

As most educators, technology teams or administrators know first-hand, when a student’s device goes missing or breaks, that student can quickly fall behind in classwork. What’s worse, learning for an entire class can come to a screeching halt if a teacher’s device isn’t functioning properly. So, getting a working device in the hands of students and teachers faster means everyone can get back to learning with minimal disruption. We also know that tech teams are already stressed with more work…

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Tech Team at Brasher Falls Spends 80% Less Time Managing Student Device Issues by Utilising a Smart Locker by PC Locs

08.02.24 by Velsen in Blog, Testimonials

Introduction: Brasher Falls Central School District The Technology Department at Brasher Falls Central School District faced an all-too-common challenge in managing student Chromebooks. Students frequently forgot to bring or to charge their devices. This led to a substantial time investment from the school’s technology team, which quickly prompted the need for a more efficient solution. Customer Challenge: Uncharged, Missing, Forgotten Student Chromebooks The Director of Data and Technology, Kevin Welsh, highlighted the daily struggle of managing uncharged, missing, or forgotten Chromebooks in…

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Goodpasture Christian School Efficiently Loans Devices to Students by Utilising a Smart Locker

25.01.24 by Velsen in Blog, Testimonials

Background  Goodpasture Christian School strives to develop the skills necessary for students to achieve academic excellence while preparing them for a life of service. Their high school students consistently achieve at the top 10% of ACT scores with 100% of students being accepted into college. Like many schools, they’ve adopted mobile device technology as an avenue to enhance teaching and learning. The Challenge: Device Loans for Students The technology department at Goodpasture consists of one Technology Director, Tammy Applegate. Tammy…

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Enhancing Device Management at Methodist Ladies College

15.12.23 by Velsen in Blog, Testimonials

Background Methodist Ladies College (MLC) is a distinguished educational institution renowned for its commitment to technology-driven learning. Despite this, the school faced a significant challenge in the inefficient management of students’ electronic devices, particularly laptops and phones. The existing process, where boarding house mums were responsible for collecting and charging devices, proved labour-intensive and raised security concerns. Recognising the need for improvement, Dave Belson, the Information Learning Technologies Manager at MLC, sought a more efficient and secure solution. Challenge The…

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The Ultimate Compact iPad and Tablet Charging Solution: Putnam 8 Charging Station

13.12.23 by Velsen in Blog

In our rapidly advancing digital age, the demand for efficient and secure charging solutions for our electronic devices is higher than ever. The Putnam 8 Charging Station is an innovative product designed to charge, store and secure up to 8 iPad or Tablet devices simultaneously, making it a must-have for any environment device management. It is also currently on sale at 30% off RRP. Secure yours now! Pre-Wired with Cables for Ultimate Convenience Say goodbye to the hassle of tangled…

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