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Mobile technology is infinitely changing and mobiles devices continue to shape our work place. Read about the technology and devices that shape PC Locs solutions, and potentially your working and learning environment.

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Smart Charging Lockers Eliminate Device Downtime for Students at Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)

20.11.23 by Velsen in Blog, Testimonials

Mobile devices are critical to education, but when a student or teacher doesn’t have a working device, it can halt learning. Addressing the effects of device downtime is no longer optional, and forward-thinking schools like Los Angeles Unified School District are getting students back to learning faster by implementing Smart Charging Lockers from PC Locs. Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Smart Locker Project Overview Phase 1 Rollout Number of FUYL Towers 1,800 Time Frame (months) 18 What started as an…

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9 Reasons Why Schools & Teachers Love PC Locs

17.11.23 by Velsen in Blog

Over the past 25 years, we’ve been listening to the needs of teachers, IT staff members, administration and students. And because of what we’ve learned during these critical conversations, we’ve designed mobile device charging carts and stations that relieve pain points specific to challenges in education. Our products boast features not offered by our competitors: high-quality components, innovative top-loading cart designs, unique time saving Baskets, ECO Safe Charge™ for safe and efficient charging, compact space-saving designs, lifetime warranty and much…

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Talking to Experts Before Investing in a Charging Program

16.11.23 by Velsen in Blog, Uncategorized

Why It’s Important to do Thorough Research on Charging Solutions – Including Talking to Experts Before Investing in a Device Charging Program When you’re just trying to run your own business, it can be difficult to find the time and energy to select vendors to help your business run smoothly. You are likely getting tons of pamphlets, emails, and calls from potential vendors hoping to earn their place in your business. Picking the right vendors can be stressful, especially when…

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Gain Back Teaching Time with Baskets by PC Locs

29.09.23 by Velsen in Blog

When Paul Symons founded PC Locs in 1998, he was teaching in the classroom every day. As a teacher, he could clearly see which educational resources positively impacted workflow for him and his students. Compared to those that were largely ineffective, his goal was to develop solutions that empowered teachers and enabled students to learn more effectively. As technology has evolved over the years, so too have our products that help make life easier. In the classroom, we developed Baskets…

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The 5 Best and Most Reliable Charging Stations For Schools and Classrooms

11.09.23 by Velsen in Blog, Product News

If your school is equipped with iPads or laptops for students, teachers and staff to complete their tasks and enhance their learning experience, it is crucial to have a reliable and secure solution for storing, charging, and distributing these devices. A high quality Charging Station or Cart can effectively address this requirement while also offering fast, effortless, and convenient device access. It can be incredibly frustrating when you go to use a device, only to find that it hasn’t been…

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