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Digital Transformation is Driving Patient and Staff Success in Healthcare

07.02.23 by Velsen in Blog, Industry News, Product News

Medical technology concept. Remote medicine. Electronic medical record.

For years, the healthcare industry was on the cusp of fully embracing digital transformation, but it was the pandemic that became the catalyst for holistic change, streamlining a fragmented process where end-to-end solutions improved workflows and patient outcomes.

Today, healthcare facilities continue to switch from pen and paper to digital technology, using devices in nurses’ stations, administrative offices, patient rooms, and more.

The healthcare industry is taking heed as it optimises its systems and strategies for the future.

In a survey conducted by The Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, 60% of technology executives said they were midway through their digital transformation journeys and 92% are hoping to achieve better patient experience as the top desired outcome from the switch.

Proven Outcomes of Mobile Technology in Healthcare are on the Rise

At the heart of this shift is the integration of portable mobile devices, whose ease of use, transportability, and seamless operating systems have helped healthcare decision-makers switch to paperless systems.

Their success in healthcare settings is increasingly being documented. In a 2022 Future of Healthcare Study recently published Zebra Technologies, mobile technology provided a cost savings of over 50%, improved the quality of patient care by 72% as well as reduced medication errors by 61% as reported by nurse managers and healthcare IT executives.

By leveraging mobile devices in mission-critical environments, leaders in the healthcare industry can:

  • Collect and access patient data quickly and accurately.
  • Decrease costs by reducing manual and paper processes.
  • Improve employee and patient communication.

Device Management is a Critical Tool to Ensure Mobile Device Success

To ensure positive outcomes associated with the transition to mobile devices, decision-makers must also consider the successful management of devices. A central charging station is critical to ensuring that mobile devices don’t get lost, broken, or left uncharged - all of which could lead to staff downtime. These inefficiencies directly impact employee productivity as well as budgets.

With data security breaches on the rise, mission-critical facilities must also consider the risks to their reputation, finances, and patient safety that come with stolen devices.

Reduce the chances of security breaches with charging stations like PC Locs’ iQ 10 Charging Station, which can be used with the latest USB-C devices and efficiently charge up to 10 devices at once. The iQ 10 Charging Station’s welded steel construction, mounting kit, and hardened steel padlock protect devices while they’re not in use. PC Locs’ Putnam Charging Stations, which can charge, store, and secure 8 or 16 iPad and Tablet devices feature external LED lights that reveal the charging status of devices inside, optimising workflow during shift rotations. For leaders who crave maximum portability, the CarryOn’s compact design and built-in handle make transporting and distributing devices easier.

With healthcare facilities motivated to lay down the foundations of their digital technology strategies in recent years, ensuring continued adoption and successful device management can yield positive outcomes for leaders, staff, and most importantly, patients.

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