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PC Locs Customer Voices: FUYL Tower provides a secure space for student technology at Peace Lutheran College

05.08.20 by Velsen in Blog, Industry News, Testimonials, Videos

Patrice Hancey, Boarding House Parent at Peace Lutheran College, explains how the FUYL Tower helps control anti-social behaviour by keeping student technology locked down during specified times, as well as a secure place to store and charge their technology and other valuables.

Patrice explains that the main concerns of having technology in the boarding environment is it can be very anti social and you can have issues with online bullying if they have too much access to social media. The FUYL Tower has helped the school get past these pain points and more by providing boarding students with a secure place to store and charge their devices as well as Admins to keep an eye on how many times students are using their devices. The curfew feature has enabled the school to restrict student access to devices during curfew times.

“I particularly like them at Christmas time because you have all the green lights on and it look like you have a tech Christmas tree” Patrice Hancey.

“Having the FUYL Tower is making it so much easier to monitor [the tech]” Patrice Hancey.

“It’s easy maintenance, it’s easy to do and once the boarders got used to it, they love it” Patrice Hancey.

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