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Top Things to Consider When Choosing a Multi Device Charge Station or Cart

14.08.19 by velsen in Blog, Industry News

With hundreds of multi device charge stations on the market, how different can all of these options really be? After all, it’s just a charging station, right?

Choosing the right multi device charge station or cart may not seem like a big deal, but seemingly small differences between manufacturers and products could make a huge impact on your mobile device roll-out and your ability to manage devices long term. To help narrow down what benefits and features will best meet your needs, we made a checklist of things to consider when choosing a multi device charge station or cart.

  Question Applies to:
Question to Consider Charging Station Charging Cart
How long will it take to cable this product? ✔ ✔
Are cables included? ✔ ✔
Are there features that simplify setup? ✔ ✔
Are setup guides or videos available to help get the multi device charge station up and running? ✔ ✔
Is assembly required? ✔ ✔
Ease of Use
  Question Applies to:
Question to Consider Charging Station Charging Cart
How simple is it plug in/unplug devices between each use? ✔ ✔
Are there features that facilitate and speed up hand out and pack up of devices? ✔ ✔
Will product features unique to this station or cart simplify or speed up other areas of my workflow? ✔ ✔
Are slots on this unit numbered? ✔ ✔

Download the full checklist below.

PC Locs has been providing schools and business with 20 years of high-quality, innovative multi device charge stations and carts. We are a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and functionality of the highest quality security, charging and transport solutions for mobile device deployments. With over a million devices protected in PC Locs solutions throughout 20+ countries across the globe, we make our customers’ lives easier by developing charging solutions with scalable and modular designs that take workflow into consideration.

Our charging solutions are designed and developed with extreme consideration for the end user. We listen to the needs of our customers and design products to solve pain points specific to their needs. Because of this, our products boast new-to-market features not offered by our competitors: high-quality components, LED lights, ultra mobile designs, a back-end management portal, compact solutions, lifetime warranties and much more. We take great pride in our excellent customer service, always putting the customer first. Our customers are our partners–and by working hand-in-hand, we’re able to provide the best solution for each customer’s unique needs.

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