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How Customer Feedback has Shaped our Product Lineup

18.03.19 by velsen in Blog, Product News

You talk, we listen. Not every business can say that truthfully. Our customers are so valuable to us because their feedback inspires innovation and evolution with every new product. They may be surprised to learn just how valuable they are to PC Locs; customer feedback has, in fact, influenced several of the products in our lineup. Take a look at how we gather this intel and use it to create products that save you time, money, and stress.

Overall, as we strive to make life easier for all our customers, we understand that the best way to drive new innovations and product improvement can come from no better source than our customer base. We strive towards being a partner with all of our customers, not just a vendor. All of our staff from our owners, CEO, to the warehouse team, are out in the field and working, listing and trying to improve the customer experience. Because for consumers, customer experience will become more important than price and product by 2020.

Globally, we have several processes in place to ensure we capture feedback from our customers, including:


We currently run several different surveys to understand how customers and businesses evaluating our solutions feel about them.

  • Customer purchase – After purchase, we send our customers a survey to find out why they selected us. This helps us better understand what features and services we need to keep as a top customer benefit, as well as those they didn’t like. Additionally, we ask each and every customer how we could improve our current offering.
  • Decided not to purchase  – For every person who evaluated our solutions and didn’t select it, we ask them what problem they were trying to solve with the solution and the main reason they didn’t pick us.
  • Customer loyalty – Every month we send out surveys to our customer base to determine how happy they are with their partnership with PC Locs. The survey asks them to give us specific feedback on why they feel the way they do.
  • Support – We know there are times when people need some support.  It’s a customer service fact that nine in ten Americans use service to gauge whether or not they will do business with a company.  Whether it be a product set up, query, or just some advice, whenever someone has an interaction with our support team, we send them a survey to help understand their experience and ensure we answered their questions.

These surveys provide insights about products, service and more. Every comment is reviewed and cataloged, with the aim of extracting different product improvement suggestions or pain points customers may be experiencing with our solutions. After that, our innovations team reviews the feedback and determines if we should implement some of the comments into our future enhancements. We try to understand what makes our customers happy and their life easier this helps us ensure we don’t get rid of the features that customers love!


We are proud to attend many events across the globe every year. At each one, we have the chance to interact with our customers and potential customers and hear what their needs are. If customers are having issues with our products, we track that information via our event scanners, and after the event, we can follow-up and try to fix their issues. Other times, we may adjust our product lines from the feedback.

Great Partnerships

We are always striving for great relationships with our customers and these relationships often produce some of the best product ideas and developments. Don’t believe us? Here are two examples:

  • Denton ISD  wanted a wall charging station that could be mounted to the wall to reduce the amount of floor space used in a classroom. PC Locs offered them our Carrier 10, Denton liked it, but their classroom size was bigger than 10, and they really needed a 15 unit. They had been a great PC Locs partner and talked with us to help us understand their issue. PC Locs added the Carrier 15 to our product line to help Denton ISD and other schools in the same situation.
  • Putnam City Schools – Putnam city is a long time customer of PC Locs. They had many PC Locs products but were having an issue with reduced space in the classroom. They came to us and drafted a product they thought would be perfect, on the back of a napkin. We agreed it would be awesome, and began working on creating the new product, the Putnam 16 Charging Station and later followed by the Putnam 8 Charging Station. Putnam City Schools acted as the beta customer and tested the new product before it was officially launched into the market.

Basket Evolution

Our basket evolution has been driven both by customer feedback as well as the need to adapt to the device landscape. We have had 5 different basket designs. Our first basket did not entirely match up to our standards and customer expectations.

Unhappy with the feedback, we designed a new basket. Both these early baskets were designed to accommodate 10 iPads.

We soon partnered with Samsung and realised that our baskets would not work with their devices due to power plug location on the device. In response, we designed a more universal basket to work with all tablets.

Feedback on this basket was much more positive, yet we still had customers suggesting that they would like a smaller basket that held fewer devices. We subsequently designed a smaller, 5 unit basket, and incorporated colors.

Once more, this was great for tablets, but the arrival of Chromebooks soon made obvious the need for a basket that would work with 11”-13” notebook style devices. We think you can see where this is going: a new basket was designed!

PC Locs takes a lot of pride in listening to our customers and utilising feedback to develop and improve products. We always have our pulse on the industry, and that helps us continue to evolve and stay relevant in education, retail, healthcare, manufacturing and more!

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