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Enhancing Device Management at Methodist Ladies College

15.12.23 by Velsen in Blog, Testimonials


Methodist Ladies College (MLC) is a distinguished educational institution renowned for its commitment to technology-driven learning. Despite this, the school faced a significant challenge in the inefficient management of students' electronic devices, particularly laptops and phones. The existing process, where boarding house mums were responsible for collecting and charging devices, proved labour-intensive and raised security concerns. Recognising the need for improvement, Dave Belson, the Information Learning Technologies Manager at MLC, sought a more efficient and secure solution.


The existing device management process, relying on manual collection every evening and distribution each morning by boarding house mums, was time-consuming and posed security risks.


Dave identified an innovative approach to streamline device management using the PC Locs FUYL Tower Pro 15 Smart Charging Locker. The introduction of the FUYL Towers eliminated the need for staff to manually handle students’ devices. Along with a place to securely store, lock and charge their phones, iPads and laptops, the Tower prevents access to devices during a designated curfew time. Using a unique PIN to access their bay, students are empowered with the responsibility of managing their own devices – and not using them overnight!

Conveniently located in the boarding house, these towers serve as secure hubs for students to store and charge their devices safely – as well as any other personal belongings they want to keep safe.


The implementation of the new device management workflow yielded multiple positive outcomes for Methodist Ladies College:

  • Time and Resource Savings: The elimination of manual device collection and distribution resulted in significant time and resource savings for the boarding house mums.
  • Security: The shift to PIN-based access enhanced the security of students' devices, ensuring only authorised individuals could retrieve them.
  • Convenience and Autonomy: Students now have the freedom to access their devices at their convenience, fostering a sense of autonomy and responsibility.
  • Efficiency: The dedicated tower section near within the boarding house facilitates quick access for both students and IT teams.

By adopting the PC Locs FUYL Tower Pro Smart Charging Lockers with PIN-based access, Dave successfully transformed the device management process at Methodist Ladies College. This innovative solution not only saved time and resources but also addressed security concerns. The introduction of individual lockers empowered students to take responsibility for their devices, marking a significant advancement in the school's commitment to efficient and secure technology management.

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