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FUYL Cells in action.

28.07.17 by PC Locs in Blog, Testimonials

At PC Locs, we strive to deliver products that will work in just about any situation. They are popular in schools, universities, hospitals, business offices and now even in remote places such as campsites!

Woody Head Campground, located near Iluka NSW, is a popular campground on the North Coast for a family holiday. However, like all campsites there are never proper facilities available to charge your devices such as mobiles phones and tablets. This is now possible with PC Locs and some inspiration.

Rainbow Power Company built a portable trailer, equipped with solar panels and 2 FUYL Cells that can be used virtually anywhere to charge devices. The solar panels power the FUYL Cells to make charging, storage and security possible.

“During the 2016 spring break, Rainbow Power Company placed a Solar Powered Trailer in the middle of the campground and opened it for public use. The trailer features 10 lockable compartments, each equipped with 2 USB outputs, powerful enough to charge smart phones and/or tablets. The keyless lockers work like a hotel safe and were accessible for campers and day visitors free of charge.

The response was overwhelming. The lockers filled up within minutes every morning, and remained booked out for the greater part of the day. The service was provided on a “first come, first served” basis but as most people want their phones back ASAP, a locker would sooner or later become available.”


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