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Gain Back Teaching Time with Baskets by PC Locs

29.09.23 by Velsen in Blog

PCL - Email - Carrier 30 Cart - 01

When Paul Symons founded PC Locs in 1998, he was teaching in the classroom every day. As a teacher, he could clearly see which educational resources positively impacted workflow for him and his students. Compared to those that were largely ineffective, his goal was to develop solutions that empowered teachers and enabled students to learn more effectively.

As technology has evolved over the years, so too have our products that help make life easier. In the classroom, we developed Baskets by PC Locs for our Carrier Carts and Carrier Charging Stations to enhance the use of mobile devices in the classroom.

One of the most profound impacts they have had in learning environments is the amount of time that is saved when handing out the devices at the start of the lesson and packing them up at the end. We identified that up to 25% of the lesson time was lost during this process alone, when devices were stored in a traditional cabinet style cart.

The ability to hand out and pack up devices safely by using Baskets by PC Locs takes less than half the time of the alternative method (compared to a traditional front loading cart). When a 30 unit PC Locs Cart, such as the Carrier 30 Cart, is fully utilised each day, we established that a school can save up to two hours of handling time per week. This translates to teachers gaining an additional 70 hours of teaching time per year for every cart that is used in the school.

Understanding the magnitude of this impact is crucial, especially in larger schools where the daily utilisation of more than 10 PC Locs Carts is routine. It means that schools are gaining back approximately 700 hours per year. That is 700 hours invested back into teaching and learning with the devices. This not only enhances classroom efficiency but also fosters an environment where students are getting the most out of the lesson.

Every product design decision at PC Locs revolves around a fundamental question: Will this innovation make people's lives easier? With Baskets by PC Locs, the answer to this questions was a very clear yes, absolutely.

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