Why choose PC Locs’ Laptop Trolley?

PC Locs’ Laptop Trolley solutions makes Laptop deployments easier and more efficient. The open design enables more users to access Laptops so that teaching and learning can happen faster. Our Laptop Trolleys are designed to simplify the use of multiple laptops in a single setting. With the ability to charge, store, secure and transport multiple banks of Laptops, PC Locs’ Laptop Charging Trolley solutions are the perfect solution for managing your Laptop deployment programs. Our Laptop trolleys for schools will fit right into your current or new deployment with ease.

Charging with PC Locs’ Laptop Charging Trolley

PC Locs’ Laptop Trolley solutions are equipped with an intelligent power management system called an ECO Safe Charge. This intelligent system stages the availability of power to each bank of Laptops within the Laptop Charging Trolley. So what does this mean? Safe and efficient charging from just one power outlet (Revolution ECO 16 Laptop Trolley only. Revolution ECO 28 Laptop Trolley requires two) without the risk of power overloading your Laptops. This makes the perfect laptop trolley for schools.

Laptop Trolley security and more

The Laptop Trolley security begins with the construction. Built to the highest quality and backed by a lifetime warranty means that you get peace of mind when using PC Locs’ Laptop Trolley solutions. The welded steel construction in combination with the anti-theft security lock-down kits and the hardened steel padlocks, means that your Laptops are safe, but also the Laptop Trolleys themselves. PC Locs products are built to last.

Laptops are used almost everywhere to teach, train, inform, educate, entertain and more. In order for Laptops to serve their intended purpose, the technology needs to be fully functional and accessible when they are needed. From a time management perspective, managing large sets of Laptops can be challenging. PC Locs’ Laptop Trolley solutions help to relieve these challenges and frees up time to concentrate on using the Laptops. PC Locs exists to make life easier.

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