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Partnership is Everything | MTA Deploys Carrier 20 Carts

21.06.23 by Velsen in Blog, Testimonials


The Motor Trade Association of Western Australia is a member-based organisation. It’s operated by industry members, for the benefit of industry members. They harness their collective strength for advocacy, lobbying, business development, training and apprenticeship services for thousands of businesses and employees across Western Australia. It’s a model that empowers profitable, confident and sustainable businesses and leaders. 


The not-for-profit side of MTA WA focuses on automotive industry training. They support individuals training to become qualified automotive professionals - from pre apprenticeships to post trade training and licensing. Part of that support was the purchase of a fleet of 60 laptops for students to use while taking exams. MTA WA knew they’d need a plan for organised storage, charging and mobility to go along with those devices.


The organisation built on strong partnerships knew exactly where to turn first: PC Locs.

“Partnerships are everything to me. If you invest with a good reliable company, you won’t have any issues and if you do, you’ll be backed up anyway,” said Tony Cawley, the Chief Information Officer at MTA WA.

Cawley had confidence in the compatibility, charging efficiency and high security of the Carrier 20 Cart™ by PC Locs. The association purchased three of them. Each cart comes equipped with four Large Baskets by PC Locs, designed to accommodate almost any device, which means quick, effortless access to the laptops for MTA WA students. Each cart also comes backed by a lifetime warranty, just like all PC Locs products: they’re built to last and built to adapt to future needs.


Cawley and his team are 100% satisfied. They found a solid and complete solution that they believe will outlive many hardware refreshments.

It is our goal at PC Locs to offer solutions that have been developed for and by our customers. We are a partner in helping make life easier. And when we succeed, our partners succeed. The key stakeholders for MTA WA have recognised that the Carrier Carts are doing their job perfectly.

What's Next? 

Once all their courses go live and expand, MTA WA has plans to double the number of devices and Carrier Carts they use. PC Locs will be there - growing and evolving right alongside them.

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