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PC Locs FUYL Cells at Monash University

02.07.13 by PC Locs in Testimonials

Established in 1958, Monash University is now Australia’s largest University and in ranked amongst the best in the world. But Monash still provides intimate service and support to the needs of staff and students…

monash uni

“Hand held devices have become extremely popular amongst students and staff. As a result, we installed PC Locs’ secure charging stations around the Campus.”

Each FUYL compartment is equipped with a power outlet and two USB ports… giving users the option to charge almost any electronic, mobile device.

Monash University Caulfield Campus has 180 FUYL Cells installed in high traffic areas. From small cameras and mobile phones to Laptop and Tablet devices… FUYL Cells are designed to store, charge and secure almost any hand held device.

“PC Locs’ FUYL Cells are great because they need very little management and maintenance. If an issue occurs, we have our Master Override Key to solve the problem.”

“As the University grows, so will the need for these secure charging lockers. Thanks PC Locs.”

Click here to download and view the Case Study on Monash University.

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