Sphero Charging Case

Quick Benefits

  • Simultaneously charge six SPRK+ robots via inductive charging bases
  • Open architecture to easily see if all robots are secured
  • A strong aluminium case and keyed lock secures SPRK+ robots and accessories when not in use
  • A lightweight design makes it easy to carry around, even by children
  • Lifetime warranty on the chassis

Announcing the Sphero Charging Case. Designed to charge, store, secure and carry 6 Sphero SPRK+ robots.

  • Innovative design to transport and charge your Sphero SPRK+ robots. No matter how big or small your Sphero Edu program is, the Charging Case can help you charge, store, secure and carry Sphero SPRK+ robots quickly and easily.
  • Compatible. Accommodates up to six Sphero SPRK+ robots, their inductive charging bases as well as the maze tape and protractors in a compact and neat hand-held Charging Case.
  • Secure. A strong aluminium case and keyed lock secure your Sphero SPRK+ robots and accessories when not in use.
  • Efficient charging. Using the inductive charging bases included with your Sphero SPRK+ robots you can simultaneously charge six robots assuring they’re always ready to work, learn and play.
  • Open architecture design. Easily see that all six Sphero SPRK+ robots are in their place with the open architecture design.
  • Additional storage. There is an additional storage compartment for storing all of your accessories in one neat and secure location.
  • Easy to transport. Easily transport your robots anywhere they need to go – throughout the school or to competitions and beyond – in this lightweight, compact Charging Case.
  • Lifetime Warranty. No matter the environment, PC Locs products are built to last.1


Product Code:

Dimensions: 151(H)x 207(W) x 429(L) mm
Weight: 3.2 kg


Please note:
Specifications and images are for illustration purposes only. Final product may differ. Charging Case does not include Sphero SPRK+ Robots. Inductive bases are installed by customer. 1 Click here for full warranty details.

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