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Are you ready for NAPLAN Online?

29.02.16 by PC Locs in News

What stage is your school at in preparing for NAPLAN testing to go online nationally in 2018?

The ideal test environment should aim to ensure that every student has the same opportunity to complete the test under the same, ideal conditions. In a traditional testing environment, this generally means a quiet room and a working pen or pencil – quite simple really.

With an online test environment, in an effort to ensure equal access, things are much more complicated and the ‘working pen or pencil’ transforms into a device that:

  • has the capacity  to access the digital version of the test
  • allows fast, efficient processing
  • and most importantly, has a charged battery that will last the distance

Students who are using devices with compromised battery life or with batteries that have not been subject to a disciplined charging management process, will have a diminished experience. Having to find a new working device or some way of getting charge to the device during the test, will inevitably affect the experience for the student and reduce their opportunity to produce an optimal result.

How to have “always ready” devices for NAPLAN

In a non BYOD school environment, where students are using ‘school owned’ devices that are stored onsite, it is the school’s responsibility to ensure that enough fully charged laptops are ready for each test.

Storage and charging options for multiple devices fall into two categories:

  • Amateur– including milk crates, cardboard boxes, powerboards, double adapters, extension leads.
  • Professional – purpose built device charging and storage wall cages and carts with integrated power management systems, such as those made by the Australian leader in mobile device management solutions, PC Locs.



For more information on NAPLAN online, click here.


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