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FUYL™ Cell Charging Lockers


What do the Black and Red Keys do?

The Black Key is a Master Key which allows access should the code be forgotten or emergency access needed. The Red Key is a reprogramming key which should be kept safely and only used should a new Black Key need to be reprogrammed to the lock. For further details please contact us.

When I open the FUYL cell with the Black Key does it reset the passcode?

No, the original code is still registered with the lock.

Do I need a Pedestal?

The Pedestal elevates the bottom FUYL Cell which is good for two reasons. 1) Should there be any leaks around the FUYL Cells, it will not affect the devices. 2) It reduces the distance to bend when reaching the bottom compartments of the FUYL Cell.

What colours are available for the FUYL Cell and the Pedestal?

You can choose from Charcoal, White, Blue or Red.

Do I need to purchase three FUYL Cells and a Pedestal to make a FUYL Cell Stack configuration?

Traditionally, your FUYL Cell Stack would consist of three FUYL Cells and a Pedestal, but this depends on how you wish to set it up. It is completely up to you. (Eg: some clients had a Stack configuration that consisted of two FUYL Cells and a Pedestal). We do not recommend you stack more than three FUYL Cells in a Stack configuration.

Can I mount the FUYL Cell to a wall?

Yes you can. Please download and follow the wall mounting template from the download section below.


FUYL Cell Instruction Manual

PC Locs products are easy to set up. Download the instruction manual for more information. For further assistance please contact us.

Digilock User Guide for the FUYL Cell

Download this user guide to get started with your Digilocks for your FUYL Cell. This user guide will explain how to set locks, unlock and more. For further assistance please contact us.

FUYL Cell Wall Mounting Template

PC Locs products are easy to mount. Download the PDF template for more information on how to mount the FUYL Cell to a wall. For further assistance please contact us.

Product Support Videos

FUYL Cell Stack - Setup Video Guide

The video below demonstrates how to setup a FUYL Cell Stack (3 FUYL Cells and a Pedestal). It also demonstrates how to route the cables through the FUYL Cells to the Pedestal. For more details refer to the downloadable PDF instruction manual.

FUYL Cells Features Video

This video demonstrates some of the features and benefits of the FUYL Cells. Please note: This video has old PC Locs branding. Some of the options, features and benefits mentioned in this video are no longer available.


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