How Much is Downtime Costing You?

January 19, 2021

Inefficiencies in IT Maintenance Cripple Budgets and Productivity

Your company is in the middle of a digital transformation. New processes, new mobile technology, more productive employees, and larger revenue streams all sound great, right? Yes! Until your tech teams are tasked with managing fleets of laptops, tablets and cell phones, many times without increased monetary resources or additional human capital.

Like many of your peers, you’re searching for ways to keep working devices in the hands of staff while balancing time, resources and budget. Typical solutions, like implementing a more robust help desk team or even outsourcing the challenge completely, can easily break your entire IT budget.

Is your IT Team facing these workforce technology deployment challenges?
  • Wasted time physically running around gathering or replacing broken mobile devices.
  • Constant interruptions with device issues that need immediate attention.
  • Employees without a workable device and unable to work for more than one hour.
  • Tech team already overwhelmed with their current workload.
  • Lack of budget to increase help desk staff or outsource.

To keep up, most IT Teams believe the only alternative options are to become paralyzed by inefficient maintenance-focused workloads or leave staff without a device for far too long.

Consider the True Costs of a Broken Device:

  • Salary Cost of downtime for an employee without a working device.
  • The opportunity cost to the company for an employee without a working device (i.e. lost sales, poor customer experience, etc.).
  • Salary Cost of wasted time for IT Staff to gather and replace broken devices, one at a time.
  • The opportunity cost to the company for IT Staff that should be focused on forward-thinking IT initiatives.
  • Cost of break/fix interruptions to IT Staff. (Studies show three interruptions per hour could cost half-an-hour in wasted productivity.)

While you will never eliminate “MOOSE” (Maintain and Operate the Organisation, Systems, and Equipment) issues, there are solutions available that can greatly decrease the downtime costs of a broken device. Savvy businesses and schools just like you are finding creative ways to manage this challenge.

A New Way Forward

Centralise and simplify your device loaner or IT break/fix programs more easily than you think with an Intelligent Asset Management System™. Charging lockers like these allow you to keep several devices charged, secure and connected in an accessible location in your building. When a staff member needs a replacement device, you simply send them to the locker to get a replacement. The locker system is connected to your network, which allows you to ensure the software on the device is up to date and ready to use. Not only does this solution save IT department costs, but it can also make your team’s lives easier.

Intelligent Asset Management System Workflows

Streamlined Device Loaner Program

Get a working device back in the hands of the employee faster–and save your tech teams time–by implementing a streamlined device loaner program.

By filling a smart locker charging station with ready-to-use devices, employees can simply punch in a 4-digit PIN or scan an RFID badge to gain access to a new device inside the secure locker. This will substantially lower the average cost of downtime as the only time taken from an IT Member’s or a Media Specialist’s day is providing the PIN or RFID access. And best of all, the employee is able to get back to work without missing a beat.

Streamlined Break/Fix Program

Save your tech teams serious time by implementing a smart locker to collect broken devices. By designating a smart locker (such as the FUYL Tower 15) as a device repair drop point, IT staff no longer need to waste their valuable time tracking down and collecting broken devices.

Once an employee reports that their device is in need of attention, an IT staff member can assign that user to a specific locker. Using an admin-defined PIN or with RFID access, the device user can either drop their device in an empty slot or swap their broken device for a ready-to-use one. Once their device is fixed, they simply return to a smart locker to swap their loaner device for the original device.

If you’re curious how an Intelligent Asset Management System could integrate into your operational workflow, we’re here to help. PC Locs exists to make life easier for the users of mobile technology by creating solutions that ensure accessibility and usability of devices at all times. Get in touch with PC Locs today.

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